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Leatherman Pocket Survival Tool

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  1. Required for successful existence.

  2. My aunt used to work at the factory where they made these, and I always admired the one she gave to my dad for Christmas one year; it had his name inscribed on it. I am always a bit apprehensive to handle a Leatherman, like I’m going to accidentally cut something off.

  3. Love these things. You feel like MacGyver with one in your pocket. He could have built the space shuttle with a Leatherman and a roll of aluminium foil.

  4. I have a Wave and it’s the best multi-tool I’ve ever owned and that’s including the famed Victorinox knives. Since the locking mechanism can be operated with your thumb and (after a little breaking in) the pliers can be opened butterfly style, making the two most common tools single-handed. Don’t get stranded on a desert island without one.

  5. I don’t mind looking like I’m from Nerdistan with my belt attached Wave. I can temporarily remove my pocket protector to ease the effect, but that roll of duct-tape hanging from an electrician’s tape-T on my other hip might render me hopeless. Astronaut quality indeed! Now where’s my baling wire?

  6. i am having trouble closing some of the blades on my stanley….is there a trick?