Sony Transistor Radio TR610

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  1. The original ipod. Transistor radios were the best. Slept with one under my pillow so my parents wouldn’t catch me listening. It was amazing how long the 9V battery lasted.

  2. Dawn of the “Multisphere” … a quality product icon to fulfill Vernadsky’s and Tielhard de Chardin’s ascent to global consciousness / “Noosphere” … coming at the same time as Sputnik was whizzing overhead, it was widely distributed in time to listen to news of Yuri Gagarin’s shot into space — as significant as the first fish to crawl out of the oceans onto a beach. SONY kept technological pace to the end of the century when innovation spiraled out of control …
    My 610 was red. By the end of the decade, we were on the Moon and Ettore Sottsass was leading Italian “Hot-House” design with his Valentine typewriter. Now the two look good together on my office shelf.

  3. I just bought a Sony TR-610 all transistor which is very close to the TR-610 Six Transistor. Which came 1st?

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