Cabbage Patch Kids

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  1. These things are so ugly, and yet I wanted them so badly as a little girl. The power of marketing and peer pressure is astounding.

  2. Everybody had these in elementary school. Our parents lined up at Toy-R-Us to buy these for Christmas. Maybe one of my first brain-washings was wanting one of these pudgy, spongy dolls. Oddly tattooed with the designer’s signature on it’s ass.

    I preferred the Garbage Pail Kids collectors cards.

  3. I’m always slightly creeped out by them… but that could be because I once visited the “actual” Cabbage Patch in Georgia, where they are supposedly “born.” Even at a young age I didn’t buy into it. Also the hard plastic head/soft body mix was not very pleasant.

  4. I guess I’m an outcast among these critics as all of us kids (3 boys and a girl) had cabbage patch kids around the house when we were little. I’m quite fond of all the memories brought back when thinking of them. Sure, you couldn’t brush their yarn hair, or take them in the bath with you, but I was a low maintenance gal anyhow. In fact, I know I still have mine at my parents house.

  5. I remember seeing one of these dolls for the first time, thinking “I can’t believe people want these so bad. What’s the attraction?” Over the course of the following week, I felt so excluded from playtime that I wound up succumbing to the same craze as my fellow children. Don’t remember if I ever actually got one, though.

  6. I never got one but my cousin did and I remember being very jealous especially of the birth certificate that came with it!

  7. Ah, I remember begging my parents for a cabbage patch doll. My older sister had the red head girl doll and I just loved it. Finally by birthday came around and I was promised a cabbage patch. To my great disappointment my parents had bought me a BOY cabbage patch doll!

  8. Did not care for them when they were introduced. Laughed hysterically when the ones that “eat” were recalled for eating kids’ hair. They don’t look like cute babies, they look like small chubby adults.

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